Grow Kenya Bulletin #51December, 2014PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #50November, 2014PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #49October, 2014PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #48September, 2014PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #43April, 2014PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #42March, 2014PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #41February, 2014PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #40January, 2014PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #39December, 2013PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #38November, 2013PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #37October, 2013PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #36: Gearing up to become top horticulture producersSeptember, 2013PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #35: Transforming Potato and Sweet Potato Value Chains for Food and Nutrition SecurityAugust, 2013PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #34: Transferring agricultural technologies to the local communityJuly, 2013PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #33: Improved horticulture yields are improving women?s roles in the communityJune, 2013PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #33June, 2013PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #32: Launch of a Horticultural Center of ExcellenceMay, 2013PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin 31: Kitchen Gardens Improving NutritionApril, 2013PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin 30: Transferring Agricultural Technologies to Local CommunitiesMarch, 2013PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin 29: Training centre to boost skills for farmers in horticultureFebruary, 2013PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin 28: Greenhouse tunnel technology benefits smallholder farmersJanuary, 2013PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin 26: Special Edition Celebrating the Graduation of USAID-KHCP Partners in Central and Coast RegionsDecember, 2012PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin #26November, 2012PDF
Grow Kenya Bulletin 25: Banana micro-processing adds value for youthOctober, 2012PDF
KHCP Monthly Bulletin 24: 300,000 consumers targeted in the community-based distribution approach of nutritious productsSeptember, 2012PDF
KHCP Monthly Bulletin 23: Benchmarking Kenya?s competitive position in horticultureAugust, 2012PDF
KHCP Monthly Bulletin 22: Farmers reap the benefits from potato investmentJuly, 2012PDF
KHCP Monthly Bulletin 20: Integrating Youth into Agricultural Value ChainsMay, 2012PDF
KHCP Monthly Bulletin 19: Varietal Banana Technology Boosted by Electronic MediaApril, 2012PDF
KHCP Monthly Bulletin 18: USAID-KHCP helping farmers to increase sweet potato yields by an average of more than 60%March, 2012PDF
KHCP Monthly Bulletin 17: February 2012February, 2012PDF
KHCP Monthly Bulletin 16: Greenhouse Tunnel Technology Set to Benefit Smallholder Export Farmers in Mt. Kenya RegionJanuary, 2012PDF
KHCP Monthly Bulletin 15: Increasing Youth Participation in the Horticulture SubsectorDecember, 2011PDF
KHCP Monthly Bulletin 14: An underground revolution gathers pace in Western and Nyanza regionsNovember, 2011PDF
KHCP Monthly Bulletin 13: Simple value addition technologies dramatically improve farmer yields and incomesOctober, 2011PDF
KHCP Monthly Bulletin 12: Dissemination of 12,000 tissue culture banana plantlets fast tracks production in Central and Western regionsSeptember, 2011PDF
KHCP Monthly Report 11: Tomato prices increase, increasing profits for farmers who use greenhousesAugust, 2011PDF
KHCP Monthly Report 10: Food security and incomes increasing in Eastern Kenya as a result of USAID-KHCP investmentsJuly, 2011PDF
KHCP Monthly Report 09: New sweet potato variety embraced by farmers, driving demand for new vinesJune, 2011PDF
KHCP Monthly Bulletin 21: Supermarkets compete for locally produced tomatoesJune, 2011PDF
KHCP Monthly Report 08: 16 Million Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato vines in production as a result of USAID-KHCP supportMay, 2011PDF
KHCP Monthly Report 07: Commercial quality standards training facilitated by Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)April, 2011PDF
KHCP Monthly Report 06: Smallholder bouquets tested in Sam's Clubs in the USMarch, 2011PDF
KHCP Monthly Report 05: Market information systems workshop widely attended by public and private sector organizationsFebruary, 2011PDF
KHCP Monthly Report 04: 20MT of smallholder flowers sold through the Dutch flower auctionJanuary, 2011PDF
KHCP Monthly Report 03: USAID-KHCP is mitigating climate change through training in good agricultural practices in over 100 demonstration plotsDecember, 2010PDF
KHCP Monthly Report 02: Agriculture Permanent Secretary Dr. Romano Kiome reveals that the government has finalized the horticulture policyNovember, 2010PDF
KHCP Monthly Report 01: USAID-KHCP project overviewOctober, 2010PDF

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USAID-KHCP and its partners are improving access to soil analysis services for farmers like Mary throughout Kenya. More than 4,000 farmers have been trained on its benefits, and more than 670 farmers have joined her to improve their farm productivity.