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Communities Acquire Skills to Enhance Family Nutrition

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Creating Agropreneurs: Engaging Youth in Horticulture Value Chains

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Who We Are

The Kenya Horticulture Competitiveness Project (KHCP) will increase incomes for 200,000 small farmers and strengthen the businesses network around them by improving and creating local, regional and global market opportunities. This project will help Kenyans feed themselves by building a countrywide horticulture distribution network that provides a year-round supply of high-quality, nutritious products grown by Kenyan farmers.

Part of President Barack Obama's Feed the Future initiative, KHCP believes that this kind of environment will increase rural incomes, create jobs, and improve food security.

The project is implemented in cooperation with Kenyan private and public sector partners through grants aimed at engaging marginalized groups such as women and youth and improving competitiveness and livelihoods throughout Kenya.

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Kenya Rain Water Association (KRA)

KRA has 15 years' experience in implementing rainwater harvesting projects with poor, rural, water deficient communities. KRA has conducted research in consultation with research institutions, private sector, government departments and farmers.

Featured Story

Meet Mary, a smallholder vegetable farmer in Western region, Kenya. Every season, Mary goes to her local agrodealer and purchases whatever fertilizer is available and applies it to her soil at the recommended times and amounts. Unfortunately, each harvest, her crops grow smaller and more irregular. She doesn't understand why this is the case since she has been doing everything "right."

A simple soil analysis, however, would reveal that what Mary really needed was not fertilizer, but lime, which would have corrected her soil acidity and improved overall soil fertility and nutrient uptake. By continually applying fertilizer without lime, she was actually making her soil worse. However, since conducting the soil analysis and applying the recommended inputs, Mary's soils have started to recover and her crop yields have already increased dramatically.

USAID-KHCP and its partners are improving access to soil analysis services for farmers like Mary throughout Kenya. More than 4,000 farmers have been trained on its benefits, and more than 670 farmers have joined her to improve their farm productivity.

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